Book hotel and travel with pleasure!


Buy a ticket for this or that hotel did not mean to get a good rest, you must also decide on the type of desired hotel. Virtually all the resort cities and countries have their own classification of hotels, looking at which tourists can understand what price he should pay.
Choosing hotel and travel guide you will spend your time with pleasure. That’s why you should know about hotel classification: the star - from one to five (applicable everywhere, in different continents), letters - from A to D (more common in southern Europe), the Crowns or keys (most common in the club hotels).
In the early 80's there were hotels of economy and business class. The first provides accommodation in standard rooms with a limited range of services . These hotels are building on the outskirts of cities or even in the suburbs, but the quality of service remains high. In hotel and travel of business class, which can be in business downtown and the city, created the conditions for doing business directly in the rooms (separate room with computers and Internet access) and for the organization in special areas of the hotel seminars or conferences.
For the 3* hotel requirements: minimum area of ​​the room - 13m2, bed linen twice a week, the room must have chair, dressing table, radio or television, the presence of bar and restaurant on site.
For 4* hotel requirements: minimum room size 14 m2, daily change of bed linen in the hotel room, chair, dressing table, TV, phone, elevators in the hotel, the presence of a sauna or bath, swimming pool, bar and restaurant is required.
For 5* hotels requirements: minimum area of ​​the room - 18m2, bed linen daily, in the room must be chairs, dressing table, TV, air conditioning, mini bar, telephone, hotel required the presence of several elevators, in the hotel should be a swimming pool and a separate children pool, in the hotel should be a sauna, conference room, one must have a bar and several restaurants on site, at least one restaurant has to be with a live music.
Not so long ago, the World Tourism Organization proposed a unified international classification of hotels. Often, however, in some countries close to the innovation continues to put "local" category. Mere tourists in hotel and travel nuances can help the system of pictograms used in catalogs or brochures of hotels. They understood the tourists from different countries and give a complete picture of a set of services.

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